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I am Kainat Khan 16 Years old girl belonged to Nowshera KPK, Pakistan, living in Rawalpindi Pakistan. I am a student; our village was flood in 2012, when I was 13 year old, the flood destroyed our schools and homes badly, and when I saw our books and school bags and toys in flood and when I saw tears in the children eyes I can’t control my emotions, I wish to help them however, I myself was Victims, but I don’t cry, I stand up with my father, I organized a team of four persons including my father to help the victims. My Father supported my too much.

We rebuild our schools and houses and I also distributed schools books and bag to victims, I regularly conveyed them my message to be strong. At that time an aim developed in me to live for humanity, to do something for humanity. I wrote 04 Peace Books.

I am also a Junior Tennis Player of Pakistan I wrote my first book on Tennis which is Kainat and Tennis then I wrote book on Peace which is Way To peace (English Book) then Kainat and Aman and fourth one is Peace massage for World Children. (English Book)

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Many National and international NGO’s, Peace Organizations, Social Organization appreciated my efforts. Including The Girls Effect, The Guradian and many other International and Global Peace Organizations.

I also visited Iran, Malaysia, Italy and France / Paris and also conveyed my Peace Message and represented Pakistan. I have conveyed my peace massage in Iran, Afghanistan and other 14 Countries. I have conveyed the peace massage of Afghanistan Children’s in Pakistan also distributed my Peace books. I have served above 800 children’s in Pakistan and distributed them Books and sport goods. I have conveyed peace massage in different Pakistani schools and Madaris approximately 60,000 plus children’s and distributes them my peace books.

I have also received Husan-e-Karkardagi Award form Chairman PTI Imran Khan, I have also received award from PM Sardar Attique, DG Sports board Pakistan Hamza Gillani and also from Dr. Abdul Qadir Khan and many other famous Pakistani Generals.

I am working on peace not just in Pakistan; I am working on peace in all over the world. I want to work on Peace not just in Pakistan, all over the world. I have achieved all these achievements just within 3 years. (Form the age of 13 to 16)

I wish to work for women rights and women education. I am also working on those girls who are prisoners in their own houses and their parents don’t give them permission to go out to their homes even for education. I wish to see them free and I wish to see them independent. Because educated mother definitely wanted to saw her child’s educated and Peace full so that Education should be must for girls.

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