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Introduction to Kainat Khan !


My name is Kainat Khan. I borne on 25th of May 1998 in Rawalpindi. I belongs to Noshera (Khyber Pakhtun Kuwa), Pakistan. I have attended my schooling from Jinnah Public School, Islamabad. I have completed my religious education from one of the leading madras of rawalpindi.   + Read more Find us on

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Chairperson's Message

Our Projects

· To promote young talent who cannot come forward due to lace of resource.
· Free Food package to orphans and widows.
· To provide education facilities to those children who work near dumps.
· To give message through tennis to the world that we are peaceful nations.
· To arrange seminar/workshops to promote awareness of health and cleanliness in general public.
· To promote sports activities in children that they avoid participating drug and crimes.
· To arrange rehabilitation activities in case any disaster like earth quake, flood, and tornados etc.
· To arrange visits to create awareness in govt schools, private schools and religious schools.